Congratulations on being curious enough to explore and join me in this grand adventure called life. 

My name is Cat Pinfold and I am the SPARK inside.  

I am passionate about life, love, personal growth and development. I am a lover of story, language & metaphor, art & science.  I am, for want of a better word a coach, though these days it is used quite loosely to describe many things and has become somewhat of a buzz word. 

I’m a facilitator of dreams, a fire starter, a supporter of potential, challenger of the status quo and sometimes more than a little bit cheeky. 

I am the transformer of people (and the world) through story and metaphor. I am Scheherazade.

This is Me - my philosophy on coaching life and being sparkly

The mind and body are connected in feedback loop. What ever you are working really hard to suppress will manifest somewhere else in your body. Even if it feels really uncomfortable the best way is through it to clear the baggage and the blocks.  It makes life much easier to live too without all that emotional weight. You are freer, lighter and things that used to bother you, just won't anymore.

We are spiritual, emotional, mental and physical beings. All aspects of our being must be taken care, if not we get out of balance, our immune system gets compromised and we get sick and unconnected. 

We have desperate need for connection to ourselves and each other, its why Facebook is so huge.

Life is crazy, sometimes tragic, sometimes magic. Its the only one we have and needs to be lived to the full. I believe that everyone is connected and if we don’t allow our own light to shine are we stopping someone else from doing the same? I have some Big Hairy Audicous Goals (one includes speaking at TED) and invite you to be bold, passionate and curious about what you could achieve if you gave yourself permission to shine.

And the Official Bits

  • I have a Bachelors Degree in Microbiology and Genetics and a Post Grad Diploma in Genetics. Yep that’s right I am a science geek! I read science updates regularly, mostly neuroscience I just find it fascinating and complementary to what I do.

  • And Graduate Diploma in Business (Human Resources) I can hear you asking how did you go from science to people?? Its actually not that big of a leap when you realise (which I did to my horror) HR is not about people its about process.

  • Am a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

  • I'm a Myers Briggs accredited Facilitator

  • An accredited Clean Language and Clean Space Facilitator

  • And a life long learner, and observer of people and human behaviour.

Random Factoids that make me human;

  • I LOVE peanut butter and popcorn - sometimes together, mostly separately

  • I have an enduring love of movement - dance, running, yoga

  • I swear, sometimes - apologies in advance, sometimes there are just no other words

  • I have tattoos and piercings - my tattoos are meaningful to me and make up the story of my life

  • Music is a very important to me - my taste is wide and eclectic. Put my ipod on shuffle and go from Guns in Roses to Edith Piaf, from Chopin to the Muppet Show sound track. If its on I’m either singing, running or dancing to it. I have a mean air guitar and my air drums are improving every day.

  • I’m a Kiwi (from New Zealand) which means that being a fiercely loyal All Black supporter and completely irreverent comes as part of the package.

  • I love food - eating it and cooking it. I find the act of creating a meal very cathartic and nothing is better than sharing a meal with friends, great conversation and wine.

  • I’m determined - I don’t give up easily, my mother would say I’m stubborn

  • I’m a resource hound - I love nothing better than being given a puzzle to go and solve. I LOVE Google.

  • Spirituality and connection to this thing we call earth is a big part of my life we are all different and that is what makes life so AMAZING!  

The older I got the more unsatisfied I became with where I was and who I was.

There had to be more.

And there was.

I’ve spent the last few years, reconnecting with who I truly am. Reigniting my spark. I will be forever grateful to Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and a wonderful friend who took me to see “What the Bleep do We Know” it changed my life forever. 

So now you know a little bit about me. Its your turn. No matter the state of your kindling, if you want to set your world on fire hire me as your coach and I’ll help you find your SPARK inside.

Quote of the Week

“Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.” 

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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