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As many of you will be aware, I gave up drinking after a Jaegermeister fuelled NYE. 3 months into my year of sobriety. A stark contrast to last year. To be honest. I’ve not missed it.

I know!

I am as shocked as you are. 

I really had thought that it would be hard for me to do, given that I could count the number of days without alcohol on one hand, well maybe two. To be fair there have been a couple of times when I have really wanted a drink. One was after a particularly shitty day at work. Instead of a vino, i got on my bike, put on a decent action packed movie and cycled like a woman possessed. Amazing how well exercise gets rid of anger and adrenaline. The second was when I moved house. I really could have used a cold beer. I had a lime and soda instead. 

What has been incredible is the support from people. While most of my friends think I’m bonkers, all have been wonderfully supportive. We go to bars that make mocktails.  Not once have they tried to convince me to indulge. Or to bend the rules just a little bit. In fact, on one occasion early on, someone thought i had gotten a Vodka from the bar and was ready to knock it out of my hand. 

Three months has given me plenty of time to notice things. I’ve noticed I don’t need as much sleep and when I am exhausted, I bounce back faster. My creativity has increased. I’ve lost weight. I’ve noticed that as long as I have a glass in my hand I don’t feel like I’m missing out.  

The big thing though is that I’ve realised drinking is a habit. It was a habit to come home in the evening and have a glass of wine as I cooked dinner. It was a habit to have a glass of wine or two after a crappy day at work. Its a habit to reach for alcohol automatically when you are out with friends. And while it is known as the social lubricant, and can make it easier to have fun. You don’t need it. Not really. Better yet, there is no hangover the next day, nor do i have to worry about finding any incriminating pictures on social media sites or have other people fill in the blank bits for me. Besides, I’m pretty good at being mischievous without it. 

So here is to the first 3 months. Cheers!

Non- alcoholic of course!!

Remember if you wish to donate to the cause you can here at Drying for a Drink.

PS if you have any great mock-tail recipes please email them to me or leave them in the comments section.

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