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February disappeared in a maelstrom of activity. And to be honest I am glad its over. Not that I am wishing away the year, even though it seems to be whizzing by all on its own. Its already mid-March!

Where on earth did it go?

It started with giving notice on the house that I was living in. Of course then there is the inevitability of looking for somewhere new. Followed by the packing, the cleaning, the moving, the unpacking, the clearing out of things no longer needed and the organising of utilities and mail. Just to round out the month, here was also a quick trip home in the middle of it all, for a significant family birthday.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Life has finally settled again and fallen back into a semblance of a routine. Which means more time for me. More time on my projects, of which I have many.  More time to meditate. More time to write. Best of all, its all in my own space.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved living with other people, especially the two incredible people that made the last 2 ½ years so special. That made home a safe place. That supported me through one rough year. That deepened already incredible friendships. And that made it so much fun. The trouble is living with other people, I get a bit distracted. I’m a magpie, I like shiny things.  Anything that is more fun that what I am currently doing, my focus shifts. And of course I love to talk. Sometimes I would be so engrossed and engaged in conversation, 2-3 hours would have past which meant that things took longer to get done. I wasn’t quite achieving what I wanted to.

Something had to give.

Not 2014.

This is the year of focus. Of beginnings and of creativity. If you know your numerology, my new address is full of creativity and beginnings (13/31). And I am excited. I am excited about being on my own, having a space for writing. Revelling in my own thoughts and bringing my creative projects to life.

2014 is going to be an amazing year.

So, Bring. It. On!

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