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Monday, 27 January 2014 08:25

Drying for a Drink

Most of you know that I love a drink. Last year I even had a cocktail designed and made in my honour. 

Toward the end of 2013, after returning from India, I decided that it might be a good thing to cut back or give up alcohol for a month. Especially when a bartender tells you, that you can hold your liquor well… Hmmm, definitely time to cut back. 

A month? 

Too Easy

Three months?

I’ve done 5 before

It needed to be something more challenging?

I happened to be sitting in a cafe surrounded by pregnant women and new borns.

Pregnant women do 9 months. 

If I was pregnant, I would have to do nine months. If I was going to do 9 months then I might as well do 12. 

365 days of no alcohol. Could I do it?

I was still in limbo about it through Christmas and New Year, then what is now known as the 'Jaegermeister Incident' helped me make my decision. I was going alcohol free for a year.

No tequila

No wines on a Friday after work

And no Sloe Gin Cocktails (Gasp!!)

Though some might think “That is the stupidest New Years Resolution ever!” I’m energised by the challenge, and as some of you know, when I make a decision about something, like a typical Tauren I am determined (read stubborn) about seeing it through.

To make it a little more fun, I’m on the hunt for Sydney’s best Mocktail. So far the Lobo Plantation has taken and early lead, followed closely by Mr Wong. (Stay tuned for more #bestmocktail or #dryingforadrink updates or find me on Facebook). 

Because I am going to be drinking a lot more water this year, I thought I would use the opportunity to raise money to help improvished communities around the world get access to clean water. We in the western world take water for granted. All we need do is turn on a tap, and water comes pouring out like magic.  While in many places around the world women and children walk on average 6km to get water to use for cooking and drinking. Often carrying loads of 20 litres on their heads. 

If you would like to support me in my endeavour (madness) please click on the link below and give a little or give a lot. 100% of the money I raise goes to water projects globally. 


While I have set an ambitious target, this quote sums up my feeling of what we can achieve…

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.  Ryunosuke Satoro

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Thursday, 09 January 2014 08:21


2013 disappeared in a whirlwind of work, family visits, celebration and travelling.  When  I sat down to reflect on the year that was, I was surprised to find that I had a lot more highlights than low lights. For some strange reason I had thought that 2013 was emotionally challenging and tough. Perhaps at the time it was. Certainly there were moments that made me cry, that made me cringe and that made me want to curl up into a ball and sleep until long after the moment had passed.  

This was the year of the Significant Birthday. An age milestone. One that definitely needed to be celebrated on more than one occasion - so I did. In fact it seems that I spent the entire year in celebration. The main event was dinner in Balmain with all my family, minus my dad (see more on that in the low lights) and friends for a Moroccan feast. This was followed by dinner on the actual night with close friends at Mr Wong. Given it was a school night you’d think that we would have called it quits after dinner…I wish I had. Palmer and Co, my favourite bar in Sydney, its right next to Mr Wong so it was only natural that we stopped in for one cocktail before heading home. Famous last words. 2:30am we left and only because the bar was closing. Surprisingly (or not) there was no work for me the next day…

2013 was a year of Travel. Austin, Texas; India; New Zealand (home).

While I had been offered the opportunity to go to Austin late 2012, I didn’t decide to go until the last minute. The trip was to help a friend launch and Apple app at SXSW. Despite the crazy timetable, 4 full days of talking about that app, meeting new people, heading out to all the gigs, free events networking events and 2am finishes, I was in my element!! I got to see Dave Grohl, the nicest man in rock, open the music festival as the key note speaker. Not only can the man drum, he is a fabulous public speaker. Wow! 

This year saw the realisation of a trip I’ve been dreaming about for 8 years. India. Love it or hate it, it is a place that changes you forever.  5 weeks of chaos, chai tea, wonderful indian food and hospitality, incredible history and the most spiritually rewarding trip of my life. India gets under your skin, deep in your heart and in your soul. It leaves you awe struck, breathless and mesmerised at every opportunity, in every moment. It felt like home. So, when the time came to fly back to Sydney, I wasn’t ready to leave. 

And of course I went home.   

Closing Chapters. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to close the door on things past. Let them go. It is incredibly liberating. Read more about Closing Chapters in a previous post.

Cat's TailThe year of the Muse. Not only did I see Muse live I got to be one. I have been going to Palmer and Co (its a small bar set up like a speak easy), regularly for about 18months.  One of the bartenders and I have had a repartee since I first discovered that they did Sloe Gin cocktails. I love Sloe Gin. I’ve been taster of new sloe recipes, I’ve found other sole cocktails that have been adapted, then late last year I had a Sloe Gin Cocktail made in my honour. The Cat’s Tail. Thanks Matt!


 Finally, 2013 was the year I made a commitment to by own legacy the SPARK inside. In July I dropped down to a 4 day work week. Yipppeeeee!!! Because space abhors a vacuum that space was quickly filled, quite unexpectedly with a coaching opportunity and my first contract as a business. 

And then of course there were the things that were not so good…

Alcohol. It became big part of my life last year, some of it due to the celebration of the significant event. Some was in celebration of friend’s milestones and some was work stress related. Because, sometimes better than a glass of wine (or three) after a challenging day at work. Especially if you deal with people and all their peculiarities. As a consequence I did less of the things that I love and that actually make a difference for me - yoga and running.  Also, I genuinely think my beautician thinks I’m a booze hag. The number of times I turned up on a Saturday morning hungover was astounding! Sometimes I am not even sure how I made it out of bed for the 8am appointment.

The Trip Home. My dad couldn’t make my birthday.  Just before Easter he was admitted to hospital for a triple bypass. Wholly unexpected and shocked the entire family. He was still recovering and unable to fly the weekend of my birthday dinner so in June I went home to see him. It was only going to be for the weekend. Serendipitously, work wanted me to stay the week and do some work while I was home in NZ. As it turns out that was the week that my Grandfather chose to die. I will be forever grateful for that last visit before he died. Sometimes the universe works perfectly… (actually it works perfectly all the time, sometimes we are too busy fighting against it to notice)

Despite the sad times, the challenging times 2013 was fun. Hedonistic. While I may not have and big learnings through 2013, I did learn some more subtle lessons;

  • Don’t take yourself or life to seriously, have fun even if you are dealing with serious stuff. Keeping it light makes dealing with the tough stuff easier. 
  • Breathe. I forgot how. Crazy right? When it gets crazy at work, the deep belly breaths would stop. So I taught myself to breathe again. Big deep belly breaths that bring you into the moment and give you a sense of inner calm. Its an ongoing practice.
  • Patience. Even though I knew it cognitively, this year I have truly understood patience and allowing things to unfold in the pace that they need to. Because when you push against things, it takes longer and sometimes takes you to places you didn’t really want to go. 

Now as 2014 starts to unfold, and as I move from my year of endings year into a year of beginnings, I am curious about what challenges and opportunities await.

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