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The following is an avatar I created for a Coach looking to move into a new niche

Yvonne had sacrificed a lot over the course of her career, holidays with friends, important family events and time for the little things that were important to her. She was lucky though, Matt her husband was extremely supportive and for that she was enormously grateful. Lately though, she had begun to get clucky. A couple of her friends had had babies in the few years, Yvonne had never thought of herself as the maternal type but now...she could hear her biological clock ticking like a thunderclap. She was closer to forty than she cared to admit and had been so caught up in her career that she had not even noticed time passing. It felt like yesterday that she had graduated from university and gotten her first job. Now she was the General Manager of a Multinational Company and well respected in her chosen profession. Her and Matt had talked about kids last year and like everything else in her life she had expected that getting pregnant would be easy. Now a year later, they were still trying. If nothing happened soon she would have to seek alternative methods. While she new IVF was a viable option for many people, she really wanted to get pregnant naturally. Besides, she had seen the toll it had taken on her best friend’s relationship and didn’t want that for her and Matt nor did she fancy suffering the side effects of the hormones. She had always been open minded about natural therapies and several months ago someone she worked with had fallen pregnant with the help of a coach/hypnotherapist. At this point, she was willing to try and do anything.

And these are two Avatars I created for someone building an iPhone App

Matt loves nothing more than playing backyard cricket, beers and a BBQ with his mates on a hot summers afternoon. He is going to be the best man at his mate Dazza’s wedding which is coming up faster than he would like. Being the best man means organising the Buck Night; he wants to make sure that he remembers everything and everyone. Organising is more his girlfriend’s thing and wishes that there was a way that he could organise an awesome night out with minimal effort, better still if something or someone could do it for him… Speaking of organising, Matt makes a mental note to send a txt to his mate Gav about last nights footy tipping; ribbing him for his team loosing. His stats are looking pretty good and he wants to make sure the rest of the lads are well aware of his team prowess. Also on his mind is a dilemma about this Friday night. He really needs to spend some time with his girlfriend. How would that look, ditiching his mates to have a romantic night in with her or leaving her behind to have a good night out with the lads. Arragghh! If he could just compose a text with the right tone be might just be able to accomplish both.

Charlie is the Cheerleading Captain. She is a popular, good looking and athletic. Which she admits to herself is often hard to maintain, to everyone else she makes it look effortless. Being cheerleading captain she is responsible for ensuring all the girls come to practice, games and of course the social events that go with it. It is very important that they are seen at all the ‘right’ events. Consequently she spends a lot of time texting her friends and sending group messages/events via Facebook. When she is not at school, she spends her time socialising with her friends at the local mall, hanging out and shopping. Her favourite pastime. She has a real knack for finding bargains, of course it helps that she is a VIP at all of her favourite stores and gets pre-sale sales! She doesn’t know what she would do if she lost her phone…

Quote of the Week

“Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.” 

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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