My offerings

Are you ready to shed your corporate armour?
Rediscover your innate wisdom and power?
Reignite your spark and unleash the goddess within?

...As you let your own light shine, you give permission for others to do the same...

The programmes are grounded in the ancient wisdom of the Veda’s (5,000 year old teachings on universal laws), modern knowledge and the art of science. They work in concert, to create a holistic understanding of self. They also harness the power of community to provide support and accountability in a safe, caring environment.

Ignite Your Spark

Our current world is noisy. We are bombarded with more information than we can handle. We are drowning in overwhelm. Missing many of our own intuitions.

Ignite Your Spark is designed to slow you down, tune you in and cut through the noise. It is underpinned by 5,000-year-old wisdom and the latest scientific evidence.

Ignite Your Spark is a foundational course that covers topics such as;

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Creating rhythms and rituals

Giving you knowledge, tips and techniques enable you to reignite your own inner power and wisdom.

Time commitment 2 days
Cost TBC

You are the Light

You are the Light builds on Ignite Your Spark. It takes you deeper into yourself, into your body and your heart, creating new pathways for living.

Partnering with other practitioners, this is a multi-disciplinary immersive journey across 5 days.

Time commitment 5 days

Cost TBC


Mentoring is an ancient tradition. The original ‘Mentor’ was appointed by Odysseus to act as tutor and guide to his son Telemachus while Odysseus was fighting in Troy.

The focus of mentorship is to develop the whole person and support them to develop faster than they would otherwise. Mentoring tends to focus on the future and supports someone to develop broader personal and/or career skills.

Women's Circles

“We have to believe in women’s ability to work magic.“ Anon

For millennia women have come together in circle to share thoughts, feelings and experiences. They are safe spaces for reflection and rest free of judgement. They are powerful acts of community, healing and wisdom sharing. They remind us that we are not alone and together we can create magic.

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